How to Secure the Right Health Insurance When Relocating Internationally

Cid Titulaer

May 21, 2024

How to Secure the Right Health Insurance When Relocating Internationally

Cid Titulaer

May 21, 2024

How to Secure the Right Health Insurance When Relocating Internationally

Cid Titulaer

May 21, 2024

As an expat, you're about to become a citizen of the world, and with this title comes a set of responsibilities, including safeguarding your own health. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the process of obtaining health insurance internationally. We'll lay out the landscape, highlight potential pitfalls, and provide you with a strategic plan to secure the right insurance coverage for your move. Within this blog post we’ll be touching on the following topics:

  • Understanding your new healthcare environment

  • The international health insurance market

  • Finding your international health insurance champion

  • A proactive approach to health insurance

  • Addressing common concerns

  • Final thoughts 

Understanding your new healthcare environment

Before the wheels of your plane touch down in your new home, you should already be well-versed in the healthcare system you're about to partake in. The approach to healthcare can vary significantly from country to country, so knowing what to expect in terms of quality, accessibility, and cost is crucial.

Quality of care

Research the general standard of healthcare in your destination. Ask questions like:

  • How does the quality of care in my new country compare to my home country?

  • Does the new location offer world-class services in any specific medical fields?

  • Are there any health concerns prevalent in the region that I need to be particularly aware of?


Accessibility to healthcare can be influenced by geographical factors, national policy, and cultural practices. Assess:

  • How easy is it to travel to healthcare facilities within your new location?

  • What is the general waiting time for medical appointments?

  • Are there potential language barriers that could affect your ability to access care?

Cost of care

Healthcare costs can vary drastically between countries. Explore:

  • Will I be covered under a public healthcare system, and if so, to what extent?

  • What kind of out-of-pocket medical expenses can I expect for services not covered by the public system?

  • Is private health care insurance mandatory or commonly opted for in this new location?

The international health insurance market

The global health insurance market is a complex interplay of public and private systems, with numerous insurance providers offering a range of plans. To find the right policy, consider the following factors:

Types of policies

International medical insurance varies from basic medical coverage to premium plans that include comprehensive benefits, like emergency medical expenses, but be aware some countries require you to be insured with a local provider. Look for policies that:

  • Cover your basic healthcare needs, such as doctor visits, emergency medical care, and hospitalization.

  • Offer additional coverage for services you anticipate needing, such as maternity care or mental health services.

  • Include features like medical evacuation and repatriation in case of emergencies.

Provider networks

Insurance companies often have networks of affiliated healthcare providers. Investigate:

  • Which doctors and hospitals are in-network in your new location?

  • If your preferred healthcare providers are not in the network, what coverage is offered for out-of-network services?

Local versus Global plans

Some international health insurance plans are tailored to specific regions, while others provide global coverage. Consider:

  • Do you need coverage just for your new country of residence, or for multiple destinations?

  • How does the plan's coverage adjust for the differences in healthcare costs across various regions?

  • Does health insurance cover medical costs overseas?

Finding your international health insurance champion

Choosing the right insurance provider is akin to choosing a trusted ally. When sifting through the options, look for a provider that offers:

Financial stability

A financially stable insurer can provide confidence in their ability to cover claims. Investigate their:

  • History of payouts and claim resolutions.

  • Credit rating and public financial statements, if available.

Reputation and reviews

The experiences of other expats can provide valuable insights. Examine:

  • Reviews and testimonials from expatriates and international travelers.

  • The provider's track record for customer service and claims processing.

Tailored services

Every expat's healthcare needs are unique. Opt for a provider that:

  • Offers customized plans, like expat health insurance ,that can accommodate your specific health requirements.

  • Is able to communicate with you in a language you understand.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Ensure that the provider is licensed to sell insurance in your new country and is compliant with local regulations. This is important as:

  • It ensures the validity and enforceability of your policy.

  • It could facilitate the smooth processing of claims within the local system.

A proactive approach to health insurance

With the foundation laid, it's time to get strategic about your approach to selecting and maintaining your international health insurance policy.

Timing is everything

Start the process well before your move. This will:

  • Give you more time to compare and select the best policy.

  • Allow for your policy to take effect as soon as you arrive in your new location.

Keep a pulse on policy changes

Health insurance policies and regulations are constantly in flux. Stay informed:

  • Via official government channels and healthcare provider associations.

  • By regularly reviewing your insurance policy and benefits to ensure they still meet your needs.

Build a support network

Relocating can be isolating, especially when health issues arise. Develop a network that:

  • Includes medical professionals, fellow expatriates, and local community members.

  • Is ready to lend support, advice, and even advocacy when necessary.

Health insurance as a long-term investment

View your international health insurance as a long-term commitment. This perspective can help you:

  • Identify potential long-term health goals and needs.

  • Select a policy that you can retain and adjust as your life abroad evolves.

Addressing common concerns

To cap off our guide, we address a few of the common concerns expatriates may have when navigating international health insurance.

Concern: Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions can complicate coverage. Be sure to:

  • Clarify how your prospective insurer handles pre-existing conditions.

  • Consider whether supplementary coverage is necessary for your condition.

Concern: Cost of premiums

Insurance premiums can be a significant investment. When assessing affordability:

  • Consider the cost in relation to the level of coverage and benefits.

  • Look for options to customize your coverage to fit within your budget.

Concern: Language and cultural barriers

Navigating the complex world of health insurance can be challenging, particularly when language and cultural differences are at play:

  • Seek out insurers who can provide healthcare services in your native language.

  • Familiarize yourself with the local healthcare system and processes as much as possible.

Concern: adequacy of coverage

The fear of being underinsured is not unfounded. Prevent this by:

  • Conducting a thorough needs assessment to determine the level of coverage required.

  • Being transparent with your insurer about your health profile and needs.

Final thoughts

Securing the right international health insurance plan is about more than just meeting a legal or corporate requirement; it's about establishing a safety net that allows you to thrive in your new environment. Taking the time to research, compare, and select the right policy will not only mitigate risk but also ensure you have the support you need to make the most of your expatriate experience.

Remember, as an expat, you are the architect of your international health coverage. By being proactive, flexible, and well-informed, you can put in place the measures that will safeguard your health and well-being, no matter where in the world your next adventure takes you.


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