Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Relocation The transport and/or move (or a part) of the furniture / household goods of a person / company.

Client Person or company that requests quotes for removal and relocation services via the website of Relocately

Contractor Company or person that offers removal / relocation services. 

Agreement Agreement between the client and the contractor for execution of the relocation. 
Relocately www.relocately.com is a website owned by Moveasy BV, registered under at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 65878892. The services that are offered under the name of Relocately involve only Relocately BV with exception its management, owners, employes and third parties involved. 
Relocately is a platform on which people and companies can request quotes for their relocation. Relocately thereby faciliates an agreement between de client and the contractor through Relocately. In case the client books a move, the contractual agreement and obligation lies between the contactor and the client. Relocately functions here as a middleman and is not a legal party in the agreement. 
The general terms and conditions apply to the services provided by Relocately. By visiting the website, reading the pages, and using it, you agree to have read, understood and agreed with the general terms and conditions.


For the client it is of great importance to be diligent when providing details on what (household)goods and furniture have to be moved. Provide as much detail as possible in the process of requesting quotes for relolocation services. Inaccurate, incomplete or wrong information can cause complexity when executing the move. This can lead to substantial extra cost and / or cancellation of the agreement since the move cannot be executed under the new conditions. 


  1. The client is not allowed to use this service under the age of 18;

  2. The user is obliged to fill in complete and correct contactdetails with a correct phone number and working email address;

  3. Relocately reserves the right to refuse users and contractors without a given reason; 

  4. In the case the client is a legal entity or company, the person that requests quotes guarantees he or she is authorized to act on behalf of the legal entity and/or companyl;

The Relocately website works as follows

  1. The client lists his or her’s specific demands for relocation services, more spefically the size, date, departure and arrival address and other necessary details (as much as possible);

  2. Contractors registered with Relocately can offer the requested relocation services based on their own relocation terms and conditions;

  3. By accepting the offer of the contract by the client, a binding agreement is established between the client and the contractor. 

Regulated substances and goods

  1. Requests and quotations may not relate to goods on which transportban’s apply

  2. Applications relating to dangerous substances, or other goods including animals, the transport of which is regulated by law, can only be submitted if those goods will be correctly packaged and the application clearly indicates the nature and composition of those dangerous goods. In such a case, the details of the transport requirements to comply with laws and regulations will also be clearly communicated with the contractor. The responsibility to comply with laws and regulations with regard to the transport of dangerous or regulated substances / goods lies with the user / customer / client and the contractor.


Cancellation conditions are part of the general conditions of the executing removal company. This is part of the relocation agreement that has been concluded between the client and the contractor.


The client and the contractor can each post their own review of the relocation carried out after the initiated request via Relocately. This assessment can be positive, neutral or negative and may contain an explanation. The language must always be civilized and Relocately reserves the right to refuse or adjust reviews if the review is deemed inappropriate by relocately.

Applicable law and disputes

The relationship between Relocately and the client and between Relocately and the contractor is governed by Dutch law and any disputes that cannot be settled amicably will be submitted exclusively to the Amsterdam District Court for settlement. 

Relocately accepts no liability for the implementation of the relocation agreement between the customer and the contractor. Relocately endeavors to bring supply and demand together, but the correct execution of the relocation is the responsibility of the contractor. The relocation will be subject to the mandatory provisions of the Civil Code regarding relocations (BW 8, Section 4).

Insolvency Relocately 10/19

Relocately GMHB's assets have been acquired by Moveasy B.V. For any inquires on the former business and matters concerning the past insolvency, please contact info@relocately.org