Un guide pour votre déménagement international des États-Unis à Porto Rico

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18 juin 2024

Un guide pour votre déménagement international des États-Unis à Porto Rico

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18 juin 2024

Un guide pour votre déménagement international des États-Unis à Porto Rico

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18 juin 2024

From Miami international airport to Puerto Rico international might only be 2.5 hours, the difference in culture is staggering. Whether you’re drawn to the island for its rich history, vibrant culture, or the promise of serene beachfront living, Puerto Rico means exploring the island's various names and their cultural and historical significance, highlighting its rich identity. The transition to life in Puerto Rico is filled with opportunities and challenges alike. This guide aims to simplify your move by covering essential considerations, from logistical steps to cultural insights, and for you to enter Puerto Rico with a relaxed mindset. Within this article we’ll discuss the following:

  • Understanding Puerto Rico

  • Legalities, documentation, and Puerto Rico's tax incentives

  • Planning your move

  • Shipping your belongings

  • Settling in

  • Conclusion

Understanding Puerto Rico

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that while Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, life on the island can be very different from the mainland. The official languages are Spanish and English, with Spanish being the dominant language. Familiarizing yourself with basic Spanish will not only ease your daily interactions but will also enrich your experience on the island. Living in Puerto Rico, speak English whenever you can’t make yourself in Spanish, but try to speak Spanish as much as possible, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Before you move it is a good idea to practice some Spanish, there are numerous tools for this, like Duolingo. 

Puerto Rico’s culture is a vibrant tapestry of influences, including Spanish, African, and Taino (indigenous peoples). This rich cultural heritage is evident in the island’s music, dance, cuisine, and festivals. Immersing yourself in this culture can make your transition smoother and more enjoyable. Additionally, the city of Ponce, known as 'La Perla del Sur' or the 'Pearl of the South,' stands as a cultural and historical landmark, embodying the island's charm, historic architecture, and its proximity to significant attractions.

Legalities, documentation, and Puerto Rico's tax incentives

Moving to Puerto Rico doesn't require a passport for U.S. citizens, but you should keep your identification documents handy during your move. Since you're moving within U.S. territory, there aren't immigration processes to worry about. However, you should update your address with the United States Postal Service and other relevant institutions.

If you're planning to work in Puerto Rico, familiarize yourself with local tax laws. While Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, the island has its own tax system. Consulting with a tax advisor who understands both mainland and Puerto Rican tax law is crucial.

Planning your move

Shipping your belongings

One of the first logistical challenges you'll face is moving your belongings. You have several options, including shipping containers, air freight, or a combination of both. Costs can vary significantly based on the volume of goods and your chosen method, so it's worth getting multiple quotes from reputable companies.

Finding a place to live

Puerto Rico offers a wide range of living options, from bustling city apartments in Puerto Rico's capital San Juan to tranquil beach houses in Palmas Del Mar. Before you move, research which area suits your lifestyle and budget. Renting can be an excellent way to get to know the island before committing to purchasing property. Websites and local real estate agents can be valuable resources in finding your new home.

Settling in

Adjusting to island life 

Life in Puerto Rico moves at its own pace. The concept of 'island time' can be a significant adjustment for newcomers from the mainland. Patience and a flexible mindset will help you adjust to this more relaxed approach to time and schedules. Caribbean destinations such as Puerto Rico, offer a warm december holiday season, world class surfing, but also tax advantages due to Puerto Rico's tax incentives

Networking and community

Building a new social circle is a crucial aspect of settling into life in Puerto Rico. Expats and locals alike can be found participating in community events, exploring outdoor activities, or simply enjoying the island's cafes and restaurants. Engaging with your new community can provide support and enrich your experience.


The healthcare system in Puerto Rico, unlike other caribbean destinations, is similar to the mainland U.S., with both public and private healthcare options available. However, it's advisable to secure health insurance that covers services on the island. Researching hospitals and clinics in your area and understanding your healthcare plan's coverage can save you time and stress later on.


If you're moving with children, exploring educational options is essential. Puerto Rico offers a variety of public, private, and international schools. Depending on where you settle, some schools offer instruction primarily in English, while others follow a bilingual or Spanish-only curriculum.


Your move from the mainland USA to the tropical island of Puerto Rico is not just a change of location; it's a step into a lifestyle rich with new experiences, challenges, and adventures. By preparing thoroughly, staying flexible, and approaching your move with an open heart and mind, you can make the most of this exciting transition. Welcome to the Caribbean island Puerto Rico, your new home awaits!


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